Thursday, October 3, 2013

Collection of Targeted Individual Sources

This will be a one stop spot for me to collect electronic  harassment information.

Targeted Individual Organizations

Youtube Videos  

Coast to Coast AM radio interview with Robert Duncan
Universal Truth Evolution radio


  1. I am also being organized stalked, electromagnetically harassed, mind read, sexually assaulted, verbally abused, plotted domestic violence, spasms, ovarian failure, labelled postmenopaused since age 30 onwards, workplace mobbed, discredited of my huge genius and worth at job and life, bioweapon attacked etc. But I am bearing with it all, to stay focussed on my ambitions. I am PhD scholar at Dept of Physics DU, since June 2010. Good collection of information! Need not reply, I will get in touch with people making same complaints, after I finish PhD.

  2. I've noted that many of these websites have already been taken offline. One has to wonder if the the same network is also in charge of internet moderation?

  3. High profile targeted individual reveals all by exposing FBI and U.S. Government misdeeds…