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EU Panel: Human Robotization, Nano Implant Technologies & The Transhumanist Agenda

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The following notes are taken from the video interview:

>Interview with panel form the European Council Against Covert Harassment ( EU experts: mind control slavery, nano-implant technologies, human robotization, neurological weapon torture, gang stalking, the 'transhumanist Agenda'. Panel: Magnus Olsson, Dr. Henning Witte, Melanie Vritschan, with Interviewer Alfred Lambremont Luebre.

>Interviewer: Magnus Olsson is the general manager of ECACH. I was struck by the lecture you gave Sept. 2012 in Stockholm Sweden entitled 'Nano-Brain Implant Technologies and Artificial Intelligence.

>Magnus: It started in 2005. It took me 2-3 years for me to map what was happening. There was not a lot of information on the web, and I had to find my information otherwise. I learned what I was targeted for and why. It is military technologies that are being developed in a grand scale all over the globe. It takes away your whole spirit, and you are not able to focus on anything else, at least in the beginning.

When they connect the brain to super smart cloud brains, the human mind gets tremendous confusion. I had to learn how to avoid the worse kind of attacks. With synthetic telepathy that allows you to read a person's thoughts, manipulate the memory systems, and induce non-real memories. They use this technology to direct dreams.

The 'voice-to-skull' appears as if someone is talking to you and you can talk back with your thoughts. But, it was already possible in 1974 the Russian's Lida machine that could induce voices into the person's head. You can hear it loud and clear, and they can even adjust the volume. It is a very advanced technology developed over the past 60 years.

As I understood, the smart grids, they control the entire earth by both the satellite system, Haarp, and the other type of small grids that are all adaptable with Haarp. There is no where to hide and get shelter from this kind of harassment.

What is going on right now is that the military is doing an armor's race all over the world to adapt systems that are inflicting humans on a grand scale. This technology can be used for the best of man kind but as of now this is a very dark operation.

It leaves the person alone because as the DSM-5 tells your doctors that you are mentally ill when you hear voices. The doctors are saying this is fantasy. This is not possible.

My interaction with this technology has been going on for 8 yrs. It is not just a communications system but, it can stimulate parts of your brain with different evoked potentials. For example, they can stimulate sexual arousal. As I understand, what they are doing is mapping the human brain in large scale operations. They have the artificial intelligence, also the quantum clouds that break all the natural laws as we know from science before. You can induce or extract pictures into the brain and record dreams.

With nanotechnology that you can breath in or get and injection. These particulates can go over the blood-brain barrier, and finds its way into the brain, and than you have a connection.

They are using advanced artificial intelligence that is able to make its own decisions, learn by itself, and so on. Letting this type of artificial intelligence loose into someone's brains connecting to the main frame super-computers. These super-computers have been just learning right now world wide.

Orwellian style of the 'thought police' is already here. This kind of technology can inflect all kinds of cognitive reactions.

>Interviewer: What you are saying is that people are being invaded on a non-consensual basis. Are there people who are not aware that they are being taken over? Or do they know such as you knew?

>Magnus: There are over 6 million Europeans who are connected in this 6 years ago, and only a fraction know they are connected to this super-grid because the system is supposed to work subliminally.

>Interviewer: You mentioned the quantum cloud. Could you explain that a little more.

>Magnus: The first quantum super computer was built in the Utah spy center by the NSA. The reports are that this technology can do things psychologically that you cannot understood how they are done. (I wonder if this has something to do with research that has recently been given a 4 million dollar grant to study the neuroscientific and signal processing foundations of synthetic telepathy for the U.S. Department of Defense classified as MURI: Imagined Speech & Intended Direction.) They are using mind control to manipulate you and trick you into being sheeple. If you do not accept being connected, potentials will be done to affect you in a bad manner.

>Interviewer: You mentioned the term sheeple. Does that imply there is a social or political agenda?

>Magnus: Some would say this is pure politics because the military is preparing itself and it has been for 40 years now.

They now can connect people with their DNA to the power grids. There are several thousand kinds of grid systems that works in different manners. They are all connected to the Haarp system. It's an agenda to make man controlled. There are people committing horrific crimes and really they are just guinea pigs for the technologies capabilities.

>Interviewer: You mentioned dreams. They could use dream warfare. Read dreams and broadcast dreams.

>Magnus: Yes, they have been manipulating my dreams in many terrible ways. They can run a program that tries to reprogram you while you sleep. You wake up with sensations that are not natural.

They do try good potentials on me where I can smile for  days but, then it is always followed up with a terrible agenda on the side. They have used good cop, bad cop ways.

The brain's trans-cranial stimulation is the worse sensation because it feels like the brain is boiling in different parts. This causes the body to shake, and it is followed by old memories flashing by. I can get a full revenue of my whole life with all kinds of experiences even smells. This near-death like experience. They can induce pictures that are so clear. They do this to control my senses. They can implant memories that are not real.

With genes you can switch off genes associated with cancer or put them on to bring out cancer. There is a type of galloping cancer where you die in a couple of weeks. They've been doing this to politicians in South Africa.

>Interviewer: How do you overcome and cope with these challenges?

> Magnus: You need to be in strong mental state of mind to try and break the evoking potentials.

This Segment Ended--

>Interviewer: We are now talking to Dr. Henning Witte who is the legal adviser to the European Coalition Against Covert Harassment ( We have heard that this is happening to over 6 million people with Haarp. From a legal point of view is there a way to use the laws. For example, the charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union or the Charter of Rights of Freedoms, or the Declaration of Human Rights, or the US Bill of Rights. How can we as citizens begin to use the law to tackle this? Can we at all?

>Henning: Theoretically yes. But, in practice no. I'm a European business lawyer and I have a lot of law experience from Sweden and Germany since more than 25 years ago, and the problem is that you can't pinpoint who is doing it. We know that the secret services most of them have access to this technology. We know that the United States and Russia have been leading after Sweden. But, we can't, in each case, pinpoint somebody to take to court because the technology is so advanced that it could be a guy in China and remote controls you in Canada. So, that's the problem. We don't have enough proof of who's behind it.

Now a days the technology is so advanced the attack comes from any point in the world. Beaming is coming through the earth. There's no escaping it.

>Interviewer: So how do you approach this subject as both within ECACH and as an individual that is dedicating your life deconstructing this challenge within the human race.

>Henning: I was in Sweden the legal representative of the victims of the Estonia catastrophe. The ferry boat that sank in 94 in the Baltic and everyone said it was an accident but I could prove that it was deliberately done. And than I was chased by the secret service in Sweden that made me dive into literature that was not usual. I got books from David Icke translated to Swedish, and David Icke made very good research in mind control. It was my first contact in 97-98. Than shortly after than in 99 my cousin in Germany came up to me and said I have problems. I hear voices in my skull 24-7. They are playing Micky Mouse & porn films in my skull. They are making gang-stalking. The family is thinking he's crazy. I was the only one who knew what was happening. I contracted a colleague in Germany who is known in the 9-11 movement and he wrote a very good book revealing that the CIA and so on were behind it. Because he was the controller over the German Parliament and in German secret services for more than ten years. They knew that the US was doing research on German guinea pigs but we can't do anything. He was told to contact a CIA guy from the American Embassy in Germany and than some days later my cousin was off the hook.

Later when I had my own television show several others came up to me and said I have problems in mind control can you make a film with us. I was able to make a puzzle and take testimonies and develop a pattern. Now, I have filmed more than 80 interviews, and published about 50 from different languages.

A guy from the Swedish secret services contacted me in the summer of 2011 and said Henning do you know they are using scalar waves on the targeted individuals.

I made thorough research on scalar waves and found that American Lieutenant Colonel Tom Bearden and found that the professor Dr. Konstantin Meyl in Germany had knowledge in the most important part of physics kept secret for more than 100 years. It was kept secret because it explains how we get access to free energy. That is hwy there is a cover-up.

The guy who first discovered scalar waves is Nikola Tesla in the Warden Cliff Tower experiment in Colorado Springs in 1897. He was very famous because everyone looked at him send electricity wirelessly from the transmitter to the light box cable. The thing is he could send more energy to the light box than he put in the transmitter, and the wave transmitting electricity was faster than the speed of light. And than therefore he found the scalar wave. It is propagating sometimes quicker sometimes slower than the speed of light.

An electromagnetic wave and another type of wave called the longitudinal wave like the sound waves which means it is mostly from transmitter to receiver and not everywhere.

Most targeted individuals think they are targeted by electromagnetic waves. Herz detected the wave in 1888. The first thing these victims do is go to a faraday cage or they have lead on their clothing. One person went 700 meters beneath the earth. There was no escape. If it were electromagnetic wave, they would be free from attack.

With Tesla GP Morgan did not want the technology from scalar waves to cause free energy because the scalar wave is collecting neutrinos. That's why Tesla never got a noble prize and his research was buried. It is now very convenient to use this physics because DARPA knowing about it and the majority can't explain it.

The American company called Q Wave sell wearable medallions that have a mobius coil transmitting scalar waves. This destructive interference is the only way to stop the scalar wave. Using this device gave relief only for a few days because those bastards making the mind control got around it and strengthened the signal.

An insider tip is that gold helps with mind control. A gold helmet if one where to exist. And also ingesting homeopathic gold that includes radiation that in Germany you can get in every pharmacy. You need to test what frequency potency is best for your body. It is called aurum metallicum. Monoatomic gold has not been tested.

>Interviewer: Is there any special message that you would like to give to our audience?

>Henning: It is so easy to target people if they have the nano-chips. But, even now they are able to target someone if they have the person's DNA. The DNA is an antenna transmitting receiving scalar wave.

Don't give up. We are working hard on counter measures and we will liberate everyone. One of these ways is to spread this information because it is so covert.

This Interview now over--

>Interviewer: Now, we are going to bring on Melanie Vritschan who is public relations director of the European Coalition Against Covert Technologies ( You wanted to focus on directed energy and neurological weapons of abuse. Talking of the 'Silent Holocaust'.

>Melanie: It is important to understand that it really is torture.

In my experience, that is not unlike what other victims report, that sores on my body had fibers with seeds and granules of different colors. I worked with an American toxicologist and learned that the technology I was targeted with is a smart dust developed by DARPA, and that are associated with morgellons. Than I was hit by a targeted energy weapon not helped by shielding.

This torture making a mockery of the article 3 of the European Convention of Human Rights. Victims go to the police and it is mostly treated as a psychological disorder and it's sad to say that in many cases leads to suicide out of desperation because it is not possible to find any help anywhere.

>Interviewer: You mentioned the Obama US Bioethics Committee. And the report that has not come out. Can you tell us about this process.

>Melanie: I work with an older organization the International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies (ICAACT). With the 300 people scanned positive for RFID implantation, we submitted their testimonies of being tortured by energy weapons.

(I want to note that radio frequency scanners will not detect chipless RFID nano-fibers.)

The committees 2011 bioethics report has yet to come out and it is now 2013.

>Interviewer: So, this may have been just a cosmetic exercise.

>Melanie: Yes, it can be suspected because it is strange that we still have not seen any report.

>Interviewer: You mentioned that it is necessary to explain your organizations efforts in Brussels in the European Parliament to make people aware.

>Melanie: ECACH is quiet young. We founded this last month because we wanted to focus our efforts on European legislation to protect innocent civilians from these abuses. In the respective Parliamentary Committee is the Committee For Civil Liberties Justice and Home Affairs. I met with a parliamentary member for a meeting and exposed this problem to him, and I think he took this very seriously, and suggested we make a presentation for the Parliamentary Committee that deals with these kind of issues.

>Interviewer: Could you explain the Nuremberg Code. The Declaration of Helsinki. Some of these treaties.

>Melanie: The Nuremberg Code was created after WWII to deal with the terrible human rights violations on the concentration camps. It actually requires informed consent when there is a medical experiment conducted.

>Interviewer: There are tools out there including the Geneva Conventions. The European Conventions of Human Rights. The Nuremberg Code. The Declaration of Helsinki which are actually treaties or ethical principles. How can they help us?

>Melanie: We use them as we refer to them. The Nuremberg Code is not sufficient because how could the victims of these covert technologies have grown exponentially. It is why we need a legislation that bans technologies that involve the manipulation of the human being.

>Interviewer: We are coming to the end of this segment. Is there anything you would like to impart on the viewers in this regard.

>Melanie: I would say to these victims that it is really horrible but, don't give up because we are determined to bring this to an end. I would like to say to these victims that it is terrible to be tortured without any power to stop this. We are going to do everything to bring this to an end.

Now coming to the panel portion--

>Interviewer: Is there any legislation to form a ban on these weapons?

>Magnus: We are documenting the testimonies of victims and going to the European Parliament. We are trying to form legislation to ban. We are working with scientists and doctors. We will try to get hold of equipment that can scan or x-ray the nanotechnology in brain tissues which number is the hundred thousands.

>Henning: An international ban should be made by the United Nations.

>Interviewer: These are actually war crimes with the Geneva Conventions crimes against humanity. How do you hold these war crimes accountable?

>Magnus: Getting media journalism. Science and doctors publishing material.

> Henning: The US Bioethics Committee has thrown out the targeted individuals testimonies. You can't pinpoint the criminals. The best way to go is in the form of protection. By making scalar wave destructive forces against the scalar waves. B/c we will never be able to fight against the powerful people doing this.

>Interviewer: Will you name the powerful people behind these programs?

>Henning: It is easily said that it is the illuminati and they use as a tool the secret services. They function in a pyramidal structure, and at the top is Mossad from the Rothchilds. On the next tier MI6-MI5 the British one. The banking system is very powerful in London. Other lower at the bottom are the Americans, Russians, Sweden, Germany, and others.

The research is in DARPA working with the Swedish FMW on the Human Brain Project, for example. And institutions and company's that get funding.

>Interviewer: Do you think the Wallenberg Foundation is part of it?

>Henning: Probably, yes. It is the most mighty family in Sweden owning  1/3 of the industry.

>Interviewer: Yes, we found some evidence available at that the Wallenberg Institute funds the Norway Haarp facility.

>Henning: Yes, but we don't like to go on this level because Sweden is a very suppressed country and going after this people thinks is crazy. The cesspit is much deeper with David Icke.

>Interviewer: What do you have to help other people with this?

>Magnus: I have a web-site on mind control that is very popular There is also another one with a lot of good articles And there is also another one There is a lot of material that proves that this is happening & we are looking for a way to protect ourselves.

>Henning: I also have a web-site

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