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Electronic Harassment Interview Universe Truth Evolution Radio with Dr. John Hall and Robert Duncan

Interview link: here
The following are notes from the interview, with some of my own commentary included.

> Dr. John Hall wrote the book "A New Breed Satellite Terrorism In America". He serves as a chairman of the medical committee of the human rights organization Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS).

> Interviewer: This is something that really needs to be brought to the general public knowledge.

> Dr. John Hall: This is a problem we are having nationally and globally. That people are being harassed with a very technologically advanced form of surveillance that not only can download thoughts and experiences and hallucinations and voices into your head to harass you with, but can control the electronics in your home. A lot of this is usually combined with a form of organized stalking called gang stalking. Most victims also have their homes broken into, and their things are tampered with.

Hopefully Dr. Robert Duncan will make it on this interview. He wrote a book called Project Soul Catcher Volume 2. He worked on some government research agency's that did projects that were involved with this technology, and he can actually go a little more into detail in how the mind is actually up-loadable and down-loadable like a computer by using various frequencies and electromagnetic weapons, and in the book he identifies the same things that people are experiencing to what hackers do with computers. There is an article "The Mind Has No Firewall" that certainly has proven this to be true. That you can actually program the mind much like one would program a computer.

As more and more people come forward with these stories and these complaints, eventually the government will have to address that this is a problem of victimization and a criminal problem rather than a psychiatric problem.

Up to this point most people complaining of this harassment have been shipped off to a psychiatric hospital and further victimized.

What most of these victims notice first is the stalking. Next they notice they are getting tinnitus ringing in the ears. Once the tinnitus sets in than it's usually not long that the ringing in the ears becomes voices in the head.

The organized stalking, in part, may be in order to get a GPS long enough to get a reading of the person's brainwaves. With this type of technology, there is no need for a chip contrary to what most people believe. This technology is actually tracking you based on a brain fingerprint with the individuality of your brainwave.

Not saying that we have not found chips in people. This is an older technology. Also, whether this factored into this or not, animal studies with the verichip did cause carcinogenic changes.

One such application of this technology is that once they have the brain fingerprint, EEG entrainment bombards the brain with a foreign frequency that corresponds with, for example, someone that has flu-like symptoms. And if your brain is bombarded with that external frequency it will slowly entrain that frequency, and then you will display the symptoms of the desired trait they are trying to make you display. (Something like this may also include nanotechnology. Mentioned later on in the interview)

Noted that they have research where they can control vocal cords for speech. They can use thought to control human body parts.

>Interviewer: What is the end? Where does it go?

> Dr. John Hall: Once the ringing in the ears turns into voices, the person is than aware they are under some sort of surveillance. The unfortunate thing about this type of 'voice to skull' or microwave hearing auditory effect type of hearing is that it is designed only for the target to hear.

In 1996 the army came out with their addendum to the biological effects on non-lethal weapons where they talk about the microwave auditory effect, and even with microphones in the ear canal and microphones attached to the scalp, that the voices can not be recorded. They go on to say imagine the debilitating effect on the enemy combatant when they begin to hear voices in their own head.

So, the bad thing is that once these victims tell their family members, tell the police, or their physicians that they are hearing voices, and they are sent to a psychiatric doctor, in today's psychiatric community, if you say that you're hearing voices that the psychiatrist can not hear, the psychiatrist will determine that you are delusional or schizophrenic till proven otherwise. And unfortunately the psychiatric community has not been educated on the fact that there is gas-lighting stalking that surrounds the person with psychological techniques and technology that is meant to mimic mental illness.

The problem is that this technology has been classified for a long time. At the very top of the psychiatric community they know what this technology is because the early studies on MKULTRA and Project Bluebird were all headed up by many psychiatrists that were at the top in their field. (In my opinion the DSM-IV for psychotic and paranoid schizophrenic are classified by these technologies. I would question if these psychiatric states exist at all in a person's natural state)

And when in your heart of hearts you know you're a victim but no one else believes you, this usually leads to behavior that makes you look even more crazy as you try and convince others that it really is happening.

> Interviewer: Has there been any cases where someone under this harassment has been able to prove this is going on?

> Dr. John Hall: We've had victims that have taken Trifield meters and Gossamometer (?) readings where they can prove that there is an external frequency being bombarded into their homes and surroundings. That is usually written off because it could be coming from a radio tower or cell tower. That is the problem. We've had a hard time proving that there is an attack.

When you are being attacked remotely it could be someone living across town or it could be someone living in another state doing the attacking with a weapon that you can't see and prove and voices you can not record.

> Interviewer: (did not write down something about how)

> Dr. John Hall: We think the attacks are multi-model. It's a combination of ground sources, satellite, and HAARP.

We've taken victims out onto desolate places where we know there is no cell coverage, no power lines. Places with very little electromagnetic pollution and they still hear voices and they are still getting electronically attacked. We've had people go from this country to another country and they've been attacked on the plane, and also the country visited. People have been on boats in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico and still get attacked. This leads me to believe that a lot of it is satellite based. Also, I have had people move to the other side of the country, and while the organized stalking stopped until they were handed over to another perpetrator group, at no time did they get away from the electronic attacks.

> Interviewer: Who's targeted? Is there a specific group?

> Dr. John Hall: We've done surveys through the human's rights group 'Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS) that specifically deals with this phenomenon. It's over a thousand members now, and it is just one of many organizations that deal with what we call Targeted Individuals (Ti's). The surveys through this organization shows that 70% are female. A large percent of those victims are reporting sexual assaults, along with the break ins, and other forms of electronic harassment. Most of the victims are between 35-55, most are fairly educated, the group of Ti's we surveyed are mostly professionals, and mostly have a bachelor degree or higher education. Racial groups are all equally attacked.

The majority of victims are female. Most don't have a radical political belief. Most women targeted are apolitical although that changes once being targeted and experimented on.

There is a hate crime in Palm Springs where 60 men who are homosexual are hearing voices in their head, and amazingly enough they're all hearing the same voice. The voice of a female voice that goes by the name Lisa.  When they are all hearing the same voice you have to acknowledge that it is some form of harassment.

This is world-wide-experimentation with random sample with the same complaints. This technology is meant to control you. And that is what this technology is doing. We know the technology is coming from the government. We know that some of the perpetrator groups are former employees of the government or there is groups with government ties. Most of the perpetrator groups are being allowed to access this governmental form of technology which means that it is probably experimentation.

With MKULTRA most of the experimenting groups were from universities under the guise as legitimate research, or funded by front companies created by the CIA. That way the government has plausible deniability if any of these groups, if ever, are brought to justice.

> Interviewer: When you have front companies it allows any researcher or any findings that are proprietary and they're not subject to request as well.

> Dr. John Hall: We're trying to get a congressional hearing. I am speaking with the presidential bio-ethics committee in Washington DC in March about human experimentation.

That's one of the pitfalls of this country. For the most part it is not illegal to experiment on the public. This is governed by a set of rules called the common rule. And just about every scenario where informed consent can be waived in one form or another for the department doing the research. In the case of NSA and CIA research that's all black budgeted. Basically the congress is signing off a blank check and they really don't know what research the money is funding. And if they don't know what research is going on, there is certainly not going to be a congressional review board which is what governs the safety of human subject experimentation.

What we need is a straight out law that says it's illegal to experiment on the public without informed consent in every case.

> Interviewer: (did not write down something about implementation of Nano-Technology)

> Dr. John Hall: Dr. Staninger (sp?) out of California. She has worked with several victims. They're doing toxologic exams. Looking for exposure to heavy metals that might be possibly used in nano-tech chips. (I've read in Scientific America that there are nanotechnology robotic capsules with gold on one side and a platinum type of metal on the other side with a cobalt middle wheel. If I find that article, I will create a post explaining this technology. Also, interesting is that gold can unzip DNA) This is newer technology.

> Interviewer: Is this global?

> Yes it is. A lot of victimization is in the UK because most of our intelligence is shared. There are victims in Norway, Sweden, from China, from Italy, from Germany. Some from India, from Yemen. Just about everywhere. This is a global thing.

We are in the experimental phase of technology that the eventual intent will be to control the world population (speculative). We had 9-11 and than needed the Patriot Act. We needed to surrender our civil liberties for our safety. (I've highlighted what he says next)

If you notice there is more and more coming out about Aliens. (I would like to write a future post about the Active Disinformation Strategic Deception promoting UFO-ology) The UN has appointed a delegate for when there is Alien contact. Even Fox News, a conservative news station is doing stories with 'contact with alien' news stories.
That's all conditioning for Project Blue Beam. In theory for the UN to have the global government to combat the alien invasion. (Project Blue Beam in principle, it will make use of the sky as a holographic projection screen for space-based laser generating satellites. They can also project images of alien craft, aliens, monsters, angels- you name it. Computers will coordinate the satellites and software will run the show-and-tell. Holography is based on very nearly identical signals combining to produce an image, or hologram, with depth perception. This is equally applicable to acoustic (ELF, VLF, LF) waves as it is to optical phenomena.)  
One of the other things he has heard is that there is already one species of aliens that are already here. Guess what?! they look just like us! It will most likely be CIA agents. 
There's been a lot of people who say they have had alien contact. But, from a more scientific stand point, a microwave can bombard the brain's temporal lobes with the right frequency from microwave energy & simulate alien abduction in the lab. That tells Dr. John Hall that a lot of what we are seeing with Alien contact likely is our government experimentation with microwave energy.
With this technology they can make you see and believe anything. We're dealing with a form of technology where you can not believe your senses. You can't trust what your eyes see and you can't trust what your ears hear. MILABS (military abductions) plant memories as well as remove memories.

A conference John Hall went to yesterday with mostly military and intelligence people for the Cyber Terrorism program called 'Connect the Dots'. And what this program is going to be designed to do is that they are going to have high-resolution cameras that has facial and body recognition and behavioral recognition software and compare it to what the NSA data banks match to already known pictures of you that you supplied by social media sites. *Facebook is a data mining site that a CIA venture capitalist firm funded. (photo identification could come from license and passport. The NSA will probably add everyone's EEG brain fingerprint to their data banks along with all our phone calls, emails, and web activity.)

The problem for targeted individuals is that these citizens of the United States have given up their privacy to a government that historically experiments on its population.  The Nazi Germans didn't have anything on us. We were doing a lot of the same experimentation over here. It was the United States (and Russia) that brought the Nazi scientists over after World War II known as 'Project Paperclip'.

Today it is arbitrary government contractors contacted to do research. They are basically handed over this technology and it is carte blanche to victimize anyone for what ever reason. This selection process gives a random sample population for the people actually crunching the data.

The bad thing is there is no way to get away from this harassment. They have the brain's EEGs and neurological technologies that they do use. If you can find away to alter your EEG pattern by focusing (not explained fully , gee, I would like to know how to do that).

The handlers are part of this experiment as well. It is a two-way data stream. They too have your thoughts fed back to them. (more detail about this will be explained in this interview by Robert Duncan)

(This gets interesting...)

The University of Irvine California is using synthetic telepathy. (I looked this up to find that a team of scientists have been awarded a 4 million dollar grant to study the neuroscientific and signal processing foundations of synthetic telepathy for the U.S. Department of Defense classified as MURI: Imagined Speech & Intended Direction. This will be used so that soldiers will be able to have silent communication system for dispersed ground forces. And for commercial communication devices based on brain-wave decoding. !! For a full picture go to the web-site cnslab.ss.uci.edu/muri/ Note of something ironic since we just talked about aliens. The side posts on the left hand side include a link for Morgan Freemans show 'Through the Wormhole', How do Aliens Think?. I should at least click on that link. It's not aliens :(  Here's the link. The site also posted links to articles includes Discovery Channel: Helmet to Convey Messages of Thought, Time.com: The Army's Totally Serious Mind-Control Project, and lastly Defense Link: Army Research Grant to Explore Communication through brainwaves.)

Basically this experimentation is one of the worst things that everyone is studying and developing but no one wants to admit it is happening.

The fact that they already know how they are going to use this technology means they already got it down pat, and that is because of the years of non-consensual  human experimentation.

> Interviewer: Dr. Robert Duncan is now here.

> Dr. Robert Duncan: Works with a consortium of scientists for The Mind Hacking Strategy Group who report abuses of science to the public. A lot of this is top secret technology. (Robert Duncan holds multiple degrees from Harvard University and Dartmouth College in Applied Sciences and Business. He has worked on projects for the Department of Defense, CIA, and Justice Department in his career.)

The group focuses on mind control technologies. The group recently published a book 'Project Soul Catcher'; Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic warfare revealed. The framework of a lot of these human experiments on the public is that of a computer hacking into individual minds or in the population. Cybernetics is the study of the control processes by a computer.

The technology involves a lot of different sciences. It involves a lot of artificial intelligence. The signal processing and sensor technologies are amazingly complex.

> Interviewer: Have you had a chance to work with some of this technology first hand?

> Dr. Robert Duncan: My group has worked on technology such as the microwave hearing effect. We have worked on projects to demonstrate some of these technologies. One is the American Technology Corporation and what is called Ultra Sonic Heterrodyning. It can project sound in a beam at long distances.

In 2008 a defense contractor, Lev Sadovnik of the Sierra Nevada Corporation in the US, released as a system called MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio) for crowd control exploits the microwave audio effect, in which short microwave pulses rapidly heat tissue, causing a shockwave inside the skull that does not need to be detected by the outer ears. A series of pulses can be transmitted to produce recognizable sounds in the brain. The sound by passes the ear drum and therefore can be cranked up really high in volume as well as very quiet sound. Having started work on a US navy research contract. The navy's report states that the effect was shown to be effective.

The technology has a lot in militarized applications. There's a lot of trickery involved in the art of war it is really the art of deception. (this makes me think of when I first started hearing voices, I was told over and over that I would be deceived. :/ This harassment plays out like a very cruel game you can not win. boo hoo)

In 1973 Army Intelligence officers came forward to speak about attacks that we were having with Russia. It was told that during the Cold War Russia was beaming the American embassy with microwaves and a psychotronic signal frequency to subdue the population under thre project named 'Project Pandora'. So, we started to do the same thing to them :p

>Interviewer: Dr. John Hall remarked that you were able to explain how consciousness could be transferred to a computer some how.

> Dr. Robert Duncan: The human consciousness has been deciphered for the most part and this opens pandora's box in a lot of ways. It came from the CIA's MKULTRA behavioral modification. Now, if you can simply cause pain in a person, when it is correlated with some action, you can alter behavior. They have taken this many steps past that. (maybe this includes using the pain signals from torture for neuro-mapping)

Dr. Robert Duncan reads an introduction by Nathan Cochran (sp?) of a draft government report that says we will alter human evolution within 20 years by combining what we know of nano-technology, bio-technology, IT and cognitive sciences. The 405 pg. report sponsored by the US National Science Foundation and the Commerce department on converging technologies for improving human performance calls for a broad based research program to improve human performance leading to telepathy, machine to human communications, and amplified personal sensory devices, and enhanced in electrical capacity. (transhumanism would be a good post topic)

You can control anything with a nervous system. (This includes animals and insects)

The computer needs to learn human thoughts and evoke potential form the brain. (Signals Artificial Intelligence) This can be used to take control of the enemies thoughts. Use it on your own population for such things as influence voting and mass opinions.

Full Mind Melding is more advanced and takes a lot of time. It probes into a persons head to implant information and pull out information.  Once you can see what the person sees, Hear what the person hears, You can dip a knee and make the person fall when they are walking down the stairs. The technologies are more advanced than people think. Also, this is a great interrogation tool and a great spy tool.

Remote viewing is not paranormal. Instead it is based on technology and cloning the visual cortex in the brain onto another person, through computer system integration. (And noted that mind melding and remote viewing is artificial intelligence with the combination of what is called the hive mind. for more on this check the blog right hand side Featured Posts with the link to Matrix Deciphered by Robert Duncan.)

Another application, if you are trying to create a really efficient group, the CIA uses 3 or 4 people in a group and synchronizes their brains and their major rhythms. There is a state of increased intelligence by in a sense adding brain tissue wirelessly. Virtual neurons go to each of the participants.

Interviewer: Are Cell-phone towers being used?

Dr. Robert Duncan: A lot of people try to pinpoint how it is that they are doing this. The government does have large arrays such as Haarp. There are 14 of these large arrays world wide. He states that cell-towers are not used. (noted that a recent interview  Robert Duncan said there was the technology Delta-T form factor phased array antenna scalar electromagnetic weapon installation positioned a top of cellular towers. Not sure why he said in this interview they are not used. At one point I have also read that directed energy weapon installations are placed on top of satellites. Also microwave towers are used but i'm still not sure what the modality is for usage. I'm still trying to figure out how these sensors work together. A technical explanation given by Dr. Robert Duncan's book, 'The Matrix Deciphered', as mentioned before, is linked on the right hand side of my blog under the Featured Sites menu)

Interviewer: Is there any way to turn the tables?

Dr. Robert Duncan: There is no way to stop this harassment. The best you can do is not let it bother you (no matter what). If something doesn't bother you they go onto something else to try and continue the reactive state. (my experience is that the perpetrators will keep raising the stakes. They altered in a deforming way  my face and body boo hoo) What ever bothers you and thereby creates the highest stress in you will be what they do to you.

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